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On Monday, February 4, 2013, Molly Bedell from Breedlove Guitar Company will be interviewed on Real Sisters Talk radio & will be featuring Breedlove's artists music as well. The show will air at 4:30pm (EST), 1:30pm (Pacific) & 3:30pm (Central). 

If you are interested in tuning in (click the LIVE tab in this link):

Happy listening : )

I think I'm officially the worst blogger ever for one main reason, I only blog when I remember that I haven't in three months and then another three months go by and the cycle continues. I've been trying to think of ways I could make blogging more enjoyable for myself and I'm trying one out this morning. It's 10:00 AM on Sunday morning and I'm blogging from my porch which is one of my favorite spots on earth! I figured if I took my laptop to a place I really love, I might be inspired to write a blog. Blogging is so different from writing songs. One might think songs are very personal ways to express one's self and this is true in many cases. In my case (often but not always), I tend to hide behind my lyrics, I write in riddles & metaphors so that what I write can mean one thing for me but many things for others. And sometimes, I don't what my listener to know exactly what I'm singing about so I can sing without fear of judgment and just let go. You can't do that in a blog! Songs also take on different meanings after time, not all but some. Blogs don't do that either. I'm in the literal world right now but it's very comfy here on my big porch, in my big comfy chair with a warm cup of my favorite roasted brown rice green tea, birds chirping, the thick sound of cicadas and crickets all around me...I could get used to this! 

I can't believe I haven't blogged in 6 months! Shame on me! I have good reason though, the band has been in the studio since January making our 2012 album, 'Feel'. We finished up the recording last month and the mixing and mastering was finished this month. It's been quite a journey. So much has changed/evolved. We have a new band name...Eye to Eye...and along with the new band name comes an album that has a new sound for us, not SO new that you wouldn't recognize us but different enough, musical growth as one may refer to it. 

I have to admit I've been a little behind on my blog! I've been enjoying some time off, can you blame me? I have been writing some new songs and working on arrangements with my band & now I'm really itching to get in the studio and finally start recording the new album. I may get the guys to do a video blog of a new song with me this Friday, we'll see! I'm excited about the new music!!! I'm playing more electric guitar these days but not putting the acoustic down, it will be a nice balance. There's also a handful of songs written on piano and this time I am not going to arrange them for guitar, I'm sticking with the keys! We chose a song ("EVERYTHING") I wrote earlier this year but have only performed live once (recently at the Virago show) for our first official music video, cannot wait to plan this video with our buddy Brad Allen who has shot us live a handful of times. Here are the lyrics to the song (if you have any video ideas, feel free to email them to me!)



Written by Krista Parrish 2011


I watched the seedling turn to green

I watched the waves across the sea

I watched the sunrise in my mind

I realized there’s no such thing as time

I realized that everything was mine


I climbed a mountain in my heart

I watched the fear fall apart

I saw a mirror in my mind

I found all that there is here to find

I realized that everything was mine


Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh


I felt the rhythm in my soul

I felt the love I was meant to know

I saw the vision over and over again

Until it became my only friend

Until I could stop asking “When”.


Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh


I am the love that I possess

I feel the freedom in my chest

My heart forever beats in time

I realized that everything was mine

I realized that everything was mine


I can't believe it's August! I haven't blogged or updated much this summer and I do apologize for that. It has been a transitional period for us, our music and our careers in general. I didn't book many shows this summer b/c I wanted to focus on writing, recording, a music video and some music related opportunities that are presenting themselves. I've been stepping lightly for long enough. I'm ready to get to work, get out of the planning process and dive into a new adventure. I left Cinderella Records and we are unsigned again which is actually GREAT b/c now we can focus on the best road to take and who to let in the car with us. We're working with a new manager who is really helping us with connections in the music industry, music licensing & publishing and overall direction. Breedlove offered me a sponsorship earlier this summer and though the process has been a little slow, it's official! A few guitars were shipped to me just last week and I chose the guitar that I will endorse-I really love it. This alone has been a huge stepping stone and it's amazing to have them behind me as an artist. I have a photo shoot on Monday with the guitar and a promo photo along with a bio will be added to their website under their artist link, how cool?!! We are working on a few things that it's a little too soon to talk about (really exciting stuff!!) so, check in time to time on the website & I’ll be keeping everyone updated through our newsletter, facebook page and  official site. We will be headlining an amazing benefit event at World Café Live (downstairs) Sunday September 11th…if you’re in the Philly area, stop by, it’s a rockin’ lineup and all proceeds go to the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service & Education Center, a wonderful place in the city that helps homeless vets. You can read full details in the TOUR link ;) Peace.

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