Krista Parrish

Single Tracks


Krista Parrish
Krista Parrish


Written, recorded & performed by Krista Parrish

All instrumentation by Krista Parrish


These feelings keep changing shapes and rearranging this space

And all I want is one last goodbye and one more chance to see your face

Time moves while I'm sitting still with or without my will

These changes keep taking place and I cannot tell you to your face

You have broken me, you, you have broken me and now I see

Each line I write, each word I speak will never be enough for me

Each purpose driven still but I don't see how I can heal

One wonders how life can be so unpredictable and bleak

And maybe a light will shine again on me

You have broken me, you, you have broken me

And now I see

Put me back

Put me back together

Put me back together, together again

Put me back